TCF back online!

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Been a while and now thE choseN fEW is now back online.
Please email: in inquire about
the club. Hope all is well and Happy Holidays!

Special shout out to TCF_Perpmate for keeping things together.
You’re the man!


TCF Chess Cube Room….use the link below to log in!

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Click on this link to log in and go to the THe Chosen Few Chesscube room:


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TCF_Br_Chess…..nEW tCFer……..Get it

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This guy is like the manager of the club…you talk smack and you’re gone!


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Tournament: The Russian Club Championship is being held in the village of Olginka (Krasnodar Territory), Russia, from April 11 to 23.The men’s tournament is a round-robin with twelve clubs participating. Each team consists of six players with two reserves.Time Control: 40 moves in 90 minutes followed by 30 minutes KO and a 30-second increment as of the first move.Time: All rounds at 6:30 AM New York / 12:30 PM Paris

The Russian Club championship are underway with the Premiere league among the strongest in the world. It is an extremely strong round-robin event with twelve teams participating. Though the elo-favorites are CHF – St. Petersburg with an average 2719 Elo including Ivanchuk (2779) on first board and Efimenko (2708) on fifth, not all teams are super teams such as Yamal whcih doesnt have a single grandmaster i its lineup, and their lowest board is rated under 2200. Still, all teams are there by merit, so no one is to be dismissed lightly. One interesting team is MHS-64, with Gelfand, who has played only one game, followed by young guns Caruana, Giri, Potkin (fresh from his win at the European Championship), and fourth board GM Evgeny Najer, deserving a special mention as he is the only player with 4.0/4 at this juncture.

Check it out further at


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Sometimes you just have to go for it. lol.

New TCF Club member! *TCF_SensuaL******Viva La Mexico

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From the depths of Mexico comes one chess hombre you don’t want to mess with.